Trust the Drainage Experts in Birmingham

Is surface water beginning to penetrate into your foundation? Are you getting pools of water in low lying areas of your property? Is the water pressure behind your retaining wall jeopardizing its integrity? Good drainage in the landscape is as important as proper irrigation.

Too much water in landscaped areas can result in numerous plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive evergreens. Overly wet turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from footprints and mowing equipment.

Drainage around buildings is important to prevent leaks and moisture intrusion into building foundations and walls. Drainage systems can manipulate unwanted water from one area by re-rerouting areas of your landscaping design that need it most. Positive drainage can transform a potential problem situation into a potential opportunity.

  • French Drains - Used primarily for subsurface water, these drainage systems consist of constructing a path of least resistance for the water to route through.
  • Surface Drainage - Used primarily for surface (rain) water. Proper surface drainage can be as simple as regrading an area to re route runoff or can consist of pipes and drain basins to carry the storm water to a different area of your property.
  • Bioswale - This is a European eco-friendly drainage system that one of our clients specifically requested. If you want it done, we will make ourselves the experts!!

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