About Us

About Superiorscape, INC.

SuperiorScape, Inc. is a full-service general landscape contractor serving Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.
As a family owned and managed company, our commitment is to high-quality, complete custom installations. Our business practices are based on honesty and fair dealings with our clients, architects, office staff and laborers alike. As specialists in our field we are proud and honored to have provided dedicated, professional landscaping services throughout the state of Alabama since 1993. All members of our team of specialty contractors are artisans with the expertise, skill and commitment it takes to complete each project feature.

We Use the Team Approach

Collaboration benefits the project designer, homeowner, subcontractors and the project by providing continuity and a high-quality
performance level, otherwise difficult to achieve on large, custom projects.

We Aim to Perform to the Highest Standards

Diligent care and attention to details and subtle variations are critical because we work with many natural products including living materials. The quality of materials we use matches the quality of our workmanship. Our team is genuinely concerned about the well-being of our
environment and strives to make it a more green-friendly place.


We Take Pride in Our Business Approach

Since our company is family owned and managed, we are hands-on, personally involved in every aspect of each project, large and small. We feel vested in and committed to our work and we understand that the work we do will have a powerful impact on the lives of our clients.


Mercedes Sampsell, since 1993


Michael Sampsell, since 1993


Vice President 

Stephanie Smith, since 1997

Office Manager

Sarah Dennis, since 2012

Operations Manager

Rodolfo Jimenez, since 1995

Mason Specialist

Jose Jimenez, since 1995